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Ysabella Monton/Staff Writer

What she covers: Track reviews, album reviews & concerts

Where to find her: @ysabellamonton

5 things:

What band do you wanna be in?

Well, I had a dream once that I was the sixth member of The Strokes, but I never want to ruin the five-piece dynamic of my favorite band. I’ve always envisioned myself in a grunge femme band. So I’d say Hole. Definitely Hole.

Name a song that inspires nostalgia.

“The Way” by Clay Aiken. He was one of my early celebrity crushes. I found my old diary from the fifth grade that has around ten straight pages of me talking about how hot he is and how he’s way out of my league. Feel free to ask for excerpts.

What album do you associate with your first experience of romantic love?

Maroon 5′s Songs About Jane. The boy and I talked about all sorts of different music, but it’s always stuck that Songs About Jane was a favorite album of both of ours. It’s such a minor detail, but the albulm it still reminds me of him even though the realization that I was probably in love came in hindsight. Surely he doesn’t remember. But I do. Maybe I’m still in love.

Musical guilty pleasure?

Spandau Ballet. Is that a guilty pleasure even though they’re a fantastic band? My mom loves Tony Hadley as much as I love Julian Casablancas, so this is all her fault. At their Beacon Theater show in 2015, I’m positive I was the only person under the age of 40. I consider their Singles record to be my best find to this day

Who/what is your spirit animal?

I wish I could say a lion, but that’d be giving myself too much credit. I’m more of an ocelot: completely nocturnal, independent, and a bit aggressive, but still just a skittish little cat deep down.