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Nicole AF

Nicole Ortiz/Staff Writer

What she covers: Tracks/albums/concerts

Where to find her: @neco_ornot

5 Things:

-What live show do you regret missing?
I used to regret not seeing As Tall As Lions play a few years back. It was especially horrible when they broke up soon after I skipped their show. So I went through my days, hoping for a reunion show and listening to their music on the subway longingly. Luckily my wish was granted, and they got back together this year to play two back-to-back shows! I was probably one of the first people to buy tickets.

-Musical guilty pleasure?
Sometimes I feel like half of my favorite music would probably be considered by some as “guilty pleasures.” I still pretty regularly listen to The Starting Line’s “Say it Like You Mean it,” and every single time I feel like I’m in high school again. Not sure if this counts as a guilty pleasure either because I definitely don’t feel guilty about it: Backstreet Boys’ self-titled album. Chills. <3

-What is your spirit animal?
Definitely an elephant. They’re so majestic, intelligent, empathetic, and just overall beautiful creatures. I dream of one day petting (hugging?) one.

-Worst show/best show?
I’ve been to some pretty amazing shows in my life. This past year, I saw As Tall As Lions and was blown away and also watched Rubblebucket absolutely kill it at Brooklyn Bowl. Other than that, seeing the Backstreet Boys (BSB FAN 4 EVA) at Nikon Theater was pretty life-changing, too. Sufjan Stevens put on an incredibly show at Celebrate Brooklyn a few years back, and every time I see The Dirty Projectors live, I feel reinvigorated.
As for worst concerts, I was pretty disappointed when I saw Bright Eyes at a venue in Vestal, NY back in 2007. That one might have been due to a weird crowd situation, though.

-What is your definition of feminism?
Feminism to me means an equality among all sexes and an acceptance of everyone, regardless of how they label (or don’t label) themselves. It’s acknowledging that a woman will face hardships throughout her life, ones that are ingrained within people’s mindsets and in society overall. And being a feminist means working toward true equality among all people without gender, sexual orientation, race, age, etc. coming into play. It’s a world I so badly want to be a part of.