Project Description

Marianne is from what was once a cornfield in the Midwest, where she grew up going to Waldorf school. For those of you unfamiliar with the stereotypes associated with this, here are a few that actually apply to her: She learned to read really late and mastered knitting by the second grade.

Though never an outstanding musician, she played a number of instruments relatively well thanks to the frightening perfect pitch she (kind of) inherited from her dad, and to her mom’s preternatural capacity for attention to detail.

By high school she was mostly interested in boys and listening to Radiohead, because Kid A had just come out and nothing else really mattered or could have mattered.

After finishing college in Washington DC (how she gained admittance still baffles her, having never opened a textbook before), she moved to New York and tried to pretend she was compelled by the same career trajectories as those by which her friends were, even though she found most of the attendant steps either boring or terrifying.

Now she enjoys making novels that are also films, listening to music, seeing new music, writing about music and creating this music blog you’re enjoying. She also likes imagining what kind of voice her dog, Felix, would talk in were he human. She dislikes those who take themselves too seriously (professional music critics in particular, although some of them are actually really nice people).

Her dreams are still unformed. They look a bit like tiny objects you can barely make out from across the park where you’re sitting, on some hazy summer afternoon.