Project Description

Jamila AF

Jamila Aboushaca/Staff Writer

What she covers: Albums/tracks/concerts/artist interviews

Where to find her: @jamirraa

5 Things:

-If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be? 

-I’ve got a thing for Chromeo. I would definitely have the time of my life with the FUNKLORDZ.

-Favorite venue for live music?

 I love when I watch live music in bedrooms, garages, & side streets.

-What kind of food do you like to eat while you listen to music? 

Vodka… so technically potatoes.

-Who’s your favorite guitarist?

Past: Jimi Hendrix. Present: Gary Clark Jr. & John Frusciante.

-If you could resurrect one band from the dead who would it be?

Not quite dead yet but, The White Stripes. (ugh also RIP Prince & Bowie <3)