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Emily Daly/Staff Writer

What she covers: Tracks/albums/music news

Where to find her: @gatoazulo 

5 Things:
-What band do you wanna be in?
I’m already in two bands! I play bass in the rock band Super Capsule, and play guitar in Screamcloud.

-Worst show/best show?
One of the best shows I’ll probably ever see was Mark Mulcahy at The Cake Shop. No one can put the concepts of love and childhood into words like he can. The worst show I’ve ever seen was a punk band called The Lemon Party, who broke up onstage in the middle of their set.

-Name a song that inspires nostalgia.
“If You Let Me” by Eddie Kendricks.

-What is your definition of feminism?
In we lived in a perfect world, feminism would not be necessary. Since we don’t, feminism is vital for creating opportunities and spaces for women to be heard. To me, feminism is less about gender and more about equality.

-Favorite venue for live music?
Baby’s All Right.