PLAYING DETROIT: Brother Son Debut Young & Pretty LP

A little over a year ago, Francis Harrington and Chris Pecorelli met on their first day working at Westborn Market. Last weekend, their band, Brother Son, released their debut album, Young & Pretty. The album is a youthful slice of rock-pop pie, dancing between shiny Brit-pop and classic rock n’ roll.

Harrington, lead vocalist and guitar player, says that he feels fate has a lot to do with the rate and trajectory in which the band has progressed so far. Once he met Pecorelli (drums) at work, they quickly started playing music together and it was an instant match. The duo added Jimmy Walkup (bass) and Drew Gijsbers (keyboards) to the mix and thus, Brother Son was born. “We all have the same mindset and vision in our minds on where we want to take our music,” says Harrington.

That mindset pretty much entails enjoying life, not taking themselves too seriously, and definitely wanting you to know that they smoke a lot of pot. While the record harbors a few coming-of-age heart-wrenchers like “Growth” and “Truth Inside,” it also makes room for carefree slacker anthems like “Blue Dream,” where the main chorus lyric is “I’m such a fucking stoner.”

“All four of us are indeed mother fucking stoners,” says Harrington. This would explain the band’s admiration of psychedelic-alt artist, Mac Demarco, whom they cite as one of their heaviest influences. Alabama Shakes, The Beatles, and The Strokes are among other artists that Harrington says influence the band as a whole when aiming for a “happy, beautiful, and inviting” sound.

Harrington’s voice easily glides between brooding rock n’ roller and pleasant falsetto, giving the songs an Arctic Monkeys-esque feel. A promising debut full of hooky guitar licks and a healthy amount of “oh-oh’s,” Young & Pretty is pretty much exactly what you would expect from four earnest early twenty-somethings with a penchant for feeling good.

Brother Son is headlining El Club in Detroit, Michigan on December 30th and plans to head out on a Midwest tour in Spring of 2018.

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