PLAYING DETROIT: Bonny Doon Teases Sophomore Album with New Single “I Am Here (I Am Alive)”

photo credit: Chloe Sells

This week, Bonny Doon — the Detroit alt-folk group made up of Bill Lennox, Bobby Colombo, Joshua Brooks and Jack Kmiecik — released a single from Longwave, the follow-up to last year’s self-titled debut. “I Am Here (I Am Alive)” is a lap steel-laden testament to uncertainty, meandering between life’s arbitrary observations and burning questions.

Opening with the lyrics “Moon, are you half empty or half full? / Is something missing I can’t tell? / Is there more I can’t see?” Colombo sets the stage for either an extremely contemplative or blissfully numb next five minutes, depending on your mood. The song continues with a string of metaphors set over hypnotizing percussion and woozy guitars, meeting at the relatable refrain: “Time, feel like I’m wasting time / Just wanna be where I’m goin’.” Same, Bonny Doon, same.

Listen to “I Am Here (I Am Alive)” below and look out for Longwave, scheduled for a March release date courtesy of Woodsist Records.