PLAYING DETROIT: Assemble Sound’s Alexander Lynch Returns With Moody Banger “Wine Drunk”

From the outside, Assemble Sound looks like just another one of Detroit’s beautiful historic churches. And, technically, it is – but this particular church’s religion is music. The 145-year-old church serves as an artist residency and recording studio, does licensing/supervision, and has garnered a lot of attention for the diverse music made by its artists. The collective’s most recent release comes from alternative R&B artist, Alexander Lynch. Although Lynch, a native of Norway, Michigan, has only been living in Detroit for a few months, he’s already made himself known in the Detroit music scene.

“Wine Drunk” is his first single since his 2016 EP release, Love Lives, and is the perfect soundtrack for winter heartbreak and reflection. Co-produced by Jon Zott, the track balances warm synths with Lynch’s magnetizing vocals, creating a feeling reminiscent of a boozy haze. Lynch told Impose magazine that the song is about “recalling past emotional experiences through the filter of intoxication and isolation. It touches on several moments of regret in my life in a sort of self-deprecating cocktail.” That’s surely something we can all relate to during the holiday season. Take a sip and savor the sounds of regret and new beginnings.

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