NEWS ROUNDUP: Ticketmaster, LA Weekly, & Guitar Pedal Sneakers


  • Ticketmaster Is Still The Worst

    Those outrageous “service fees” that get tacked on to each concert ticket you buy resulted in a $386 million class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster. You would think that would mean there would be no more fees, but instead, customers were informed that they would have access to ticket vouchers in their account and discount codes worth- wait for it- “a $2.25 credit on a future online ticket purchase of primary tickets.” You can use up to two of these per transaction, but many customers are having trouble accessing them.

    Of course, you could take advantage of the free tickets the company is offering to make up for their sketchy business practices, if you want to see artists such as The Kidz Bop Kids or an Elton John tribute band. Granted, there are some cool shows available, but as other sites have noted, shows are only available in 19 states.

  • Sky Ferreria vs LA Weekly

    The super-gross Sky Ferreria “thinkpiece” caused a lot of negative reactions on the internet; personally, it’s one of the most misogynist things I’ve ever read, though it inspired a pretty funny satire where Tom Hawking rewrote the article with John Lennon as the subject. LA Weekly has apologized for trying to be edgy with the article, but has decided to leave it online as a “topic of discussion, or outrage, or as a cautionary tale about how not to write about a female recording artist in 2016.” Pretty sure that nearly every other writer already knows that, but thanks for clarifying guys.

  • Watch J Mascis Test A Wah-Wah Pedal Shoe

    Hey musicians, Converse has gotten use one step closer to not having to carry around a bunch of pedals- just put them on your feet! The “All Wah” shoe allows you to plug directly into a Converse sneaker, and uses Bluetooth and microsensor technology to determine the position of your foot. Watch J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr test it out below:

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