INTERVIEW: Kid Bloom Comes of Age With “Parents House”

As a kid growing up in the late ’90s, I was often faced with the sad realities of having a limited CD collection. Back then, CDs cost upwards of $20 and I had neither the resources or nor the cool friends needed to expand my musical education. Instead, I pushed play again and again on those old favorites. Kid Bloom’s retro pop is just the kind of jam I would keep on repeat. Their new single “Parents House” is an electronic daydream with the right amount of nostalgic flair; it’s a song you hear once and are suddenly humming to yourself later in the day.

“Parents House” will appear on an EP the band plan to release this fall, entitled Lemonhead – no doubt another reference to a musical era gone by. It follows two EPs in as many years – 2016’s A Different State of Mind and and 2017’s A Long Kiss Goodbye.

We asked Kid Bloom about growing up in California and where they got those laid back vibes.

AF: The band is from Studio City – in fact, ya’ll went to high school together. How does the California landscape and culture play into your music?

KB: Growing up in the area, there have definitely been influences from our surroundings like sitting in traffic on the 101. Actually, the song “When I Dream of You” was written while sitting in traffic.

AF: Kid Bloom formed in October 2014. What have been your biggest growing pains as a band?

KB: Finding a way to truly find our voice and a dynamic that suits everyone. Time has only proven to strengthen our group. We are more cohesive than ever.

AF: What music has been challenging you / inspiring you to write lately?

KB: Current pop music and ’70s and ’60s pop, like Queen and Abba, have been influences.

AF: If you could perform at any music venue (we’re talking dream venue here), which one would you pick?

KB: Madison Square Garden.

AF: What do you want fans to take away from your music? Is there a message, a vibe, a general feel?

KB: We want our fans to feel inspired to go create and do whatever it is that makes them happy!

Kid Bloom’s new EP Lemonhead is set to come out Fall of 2018. In the meantime, follow them on their Facebook page for summer concert dates!

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