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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Wendy Rae Fowler “Svengali”

  This week, just when I was craving a Christmas album written by David Lynch, former We Fell to Earth member Wendy Rae Fowler premiered "Svengali," the first single from her solo album Warped. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I've always felt that the repetitive holiday music we are subjected to every December subtly brainwashes us [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Bizarre Sharks “Tremendous”

In middle school, soon after I started to play guitar, I would go to my friend’s house who was learning to play drums. We would invite a couple people over, order Dominos and proceed to attempt songwriting for about half an hour and then spend the next two hours arguing about what our band name [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Sad Baxter “Doubt”

When I was first introduced to the music of Sad Baxter, via 2016’s Weirdy, I realized they filled a void I didn’t even know existed: here was a band that was not afraid to go full grunge, and the payoff was great. Dirty guitars, heavy backbeats, and a Cobain-like growl mixed with a delightfully bizarre [...]

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Last year, Memphis punk quartet NOTS released their arresting sophomore LP Cosmetic, brimming with a palpable, immediate energy. Though they're rockers at heart (and Cosmetic is relentless in its sonic barrage, no doubt) it was the band's penchant for art-rock flourishes that set the record apart. Fuzzed out guitars, warbling distortion, spacey buzzing synths, and [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Jesse “De-pression”

Jesse Jerome Jenkins V will release his solo debut as Jesse on June 23. As the lead singer of Pure X, Jesse Jerome Jenkins V made hazy psych-pop as blissed out as his band's moniker would imply. But it's been three years since the release of Angel, leaving fans to wonder what became [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Japanese Breakfast “Machinist”

Photo by Ebru Yildiz When I interviewed Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast for Brooklyn Magazine last summer, her dream-pop debut Psychopomp was creating quite the buzz. On a sold-out tour with Mitski and Jay Som, Zauner told me that her next album would have more of an electronic pop feel but still have [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Tove Styrke “Say My Name”

photo by Emma Svensson Maybe it's the glacial run-off, but something in Sweden's water seems to nurture brilliance in its female electro-pop singer-songwriters, from Robyn to Icona Pop to Tove Lo. The latest in a string of Swedish hitmakers to attempt a breakthrough in the United States shares a first name with the [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Nite Jewel “Real High”

Photo by Leo García For those of us still recovering from yesterday's unofficial holiday, the latest track from L.A.-based singer/songwriter/producer Ramona Gonzalez - better known as Nite Jewel - holds some definite promise for coming down. "Real High" is the title track from Nite Jewel's forthcoming album, which she'll release via her own [...]

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Wayfarers' newest track "KINGS" is an anthem of empowerment, specifically that which can be found through music. With short claps throughout and a catchy yet minimalistic backing, it's impossible to not get a surge of confidence while listening to "KINGS." It's a throwback for many listeners to that moment when they first heard a specific song [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Cotillon “Alex’s Room”

Starting off with distorted guitar and indistinguishable background conversation, Cotillon's latest single "Alex's Room" sets listeners up for relaxation and nostalgia with this chill, fuzzy garage rock tune. It also may have listeners wondering, who is Alex, and why is anyone in his room? The song is restless from the first line, as frontman Jordan Corso sings about a loss [...]

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