PREMIERE: Gwendolyn Dot Shares Existential Pop Track “placenta et al”

Like many artists, Gwendolyn Dot’s relationship with music began in the church. The Indianapolis-based producer recalls countless Sundays occupying a pew in the church choir, aimlessly following the monotonous melodies of Methodist church hymnals, singing only partially present in a wispy register. She even took twelve years of piano lessons with the minister’s wife. Years [...]

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PREMIERE: Anna Wang “Hindsight”

Photograph by Elizabeth Wadium During a breakup, no matter where you go it feels like the world is breaking up too. The line at the grocery store is suddenly filled with sad strangers holding pints of Cherry Garcia and every TV commercial features a lonely person staring into a Netflix void. Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter Anna Wang [...]

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PREMIERE: For Esmé “Modern Love”

Photo by Vanessa Heins Everyone has that friend so obsessed with getting a boyfriend that she completely misses the interesting, multi-layered, kick-ass person who's right in front of her (herself). Ok, we've all been that friend. Canadian band For Esmé addresses self-love in their newest track "Modern Love" off 2018's Righteous Woman. "I was [...]

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PREMIERE: HALEY “Credit Forever Part 2”

Haley by Colin Michael Simmons Since 2003, Haley McCallum has put dozens of releases out into the world as Haley Bonar - most of them with a folk rock bent and a focus on her clever lyricism and yearning vocals. That focus shifts with Pleasureland, released simply under the mononymous moniker HALEY. It's [...]

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PREMIERE: Lexi Todd “Complacent”

Have you noticed a sudden trend of "blacked out" Facebook profile pictures? You may have received a few messages about this one, encouraging you to show followers a "world without women." October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and already there's some confusion on how people can support victims of domestic violence. For musician Lexi [...]

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PREMIERE: The Hottman Sisters “Louder” EP

photo by Carley Scott Fields Starting over, beginning anew, casting off the old... it's a process easier said than done. Omaha, Nebraska natives The Hottman Sisters are determined to move forward creatively, letting the past fall back into the rear view. Comprised of actual sisters Jessica (guitar) and Heather (synths), along with drummer [...]

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PREMIERE: Moon Honey “Life Has No Meaning”

The plight of the monarch butterfly may not seem like a fitting subject for a song, yet LA's Moon Honey tackles butterflies, climate change, and death itself in their new single "Life Has No Meaning." Don't let it get you down though. Frontwoman Jess Joy uses the flutter of her voice and a kilowatt smile [...]

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PREMIERE: Billy Moon “Tangerine Dream”

Punk is a loaded word. It's been ascribed to popular artists as diverse as New Found Glory, Green Day, and Patti Smith. Graham Caldwell makes music as Billy Moon that expands beyond the label, gifting listeners with a tonally diverse album made for a record player's full turns. Punk Songs, Caldwell's debut LP, contains traces [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Code Anchor “Hoist”

Do you remember a time when bands could pack venues with zero social media presence? That was the case for Code Anchor only 8 years ago, who had a significant following in Long Island, NY before their breakup scattered its members across the country. This distance didn’t stop them from rekindling their musical partnership and [...]

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PREMIERE: Cillie Barnes “Mudslides”

Vanessa Long is the woman behind Cillie Barnes, a five-piece "avant-pop" project out of Happy Valley, California. It's her Ojai style, her witchy lyrics, and her shaman (that's right, I said shaman) that make this band feel intrinsically LA. It's an easy aesthetic to dismiss nowadays. Every band north of the 101 carries crystals in their [...]

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