ALBUM REVIEW: The Heartfelt Nostalgia of Tony Molina’s Tapes from San Mateo County

Bay Area indie artist Tony Molina has always had either foot in two worlds, which is perhaps the only obvious observation one might make about him. He maintains deep ties to the punk and hardcore scenes in which he cut his teeth, having played with bands like Healer, Caged Animal, and Bone Sickness in the [...]

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PREMIERE: The Big Takeover Channels Late Night Retro Vibes With “Shy” Music Video

Pop/reggae outfit The Big Takeover premieres their retro music video for "Shy" today. In the Dino Davaros-directed clip, the New York-based band star as guests of a 70's late-night show, where they perform their latest single. The new video comes as the band hits the summer festival circuit in support of their forthcoming record, slated [...]

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INTERVIEW: Kissing Party Talks “Mom & Dad,” New Video & Next Album

Denver's Kissing Party just released their most recent album, Mom & Dad, and a new video for single "Jimmy Dean." The self-proclaimed "slop pop" band is made up of vocalist Deirdre Sage, guitarists Gregory Dolan and Joe Hansen, bassist Lee Evans and drummer Shane Reid. "Jimmy Dean" was written by Deirdre "about having to fight [...]

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PREMIERE: Kristen Castro Comes Alive in Dazzling “Bloom” Video

photo by Anna Haas. Kristen Castro, singer-songwriter and co-founder of indie-country trio Maybe April, drops off a captivating, beautiful new clip for her solo single "Bloom" today. The self-produced and edited visual uses natural imagery and hypnotic colors to create a vibrant world that exists within Castro's hair. “I wrote ‘Bloom’ in reflection [...]

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PREMIERE: Ume “The Center”

Ume by Chad Kamenshine In the modern world, women are often pitted against one another for a few spots on the proverbial hamster wheel. Ume's latest video for "The Center" explores the relationship women have to each other, how they can reject the current system and build a whole new order. With the [...]

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press photo by Dave McMahon San Francisco's The Y Axes latest album No Waves addresses anxiety - both personal and existential - with humor, nostalgic synths, and the kind of emo spirit any '90s kid can respect. The band has a strong a visual component to its live performances, and we get to [...]

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INTERVIEW: Mima Good Returns with Light-Hearted New Track “Holly Golightly”

Mima Good is NYC-born and based songwriter Raechel Rosen, whose sound and aesthetic espouses a contemporary pop sensibility with a darker atmosphere of synths, organs and guitars. The result is a moody, soulful sound that somehow calls to mind both Billie Eilish and Billie Holliday simultaneously. We first met her last year with the Good [...]

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PREMIERE: Jamie Drake “Redwood Tree”

Photo by Kathryna Hancock In classic films, the setting is often established with a chorus in the background, a camera moving through the scene with care before landing on the ingénue. Singer-songwriter Jamie Drake utilizes many of the old Hollywood musical tropes on her latest single "Redwood Tree" -cascading vocal harmonies, a gentle [...]

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INTERVIEW: Madelin Lost Her Head on a ‘Mental Journey’ Interrogating Identity, Spirituality, and Art

Madelin pulses with sheer goddess vitality. Across her latest EP, a seven-song expedition of micro and macro concepts of the human form, particularly that of gender, sexuality and existential dread, called Then Her Head Fell Off, the Bushwick enchantress permits her voice to wriggle amidst waves of synths and midnight-rave glitter-dust. “I’m going to get [...]

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PREMIERE: Beth Hansen Brings ’90s Electro Nostalgia to Late Guest At The Party with “Bend”

Brooklyn electro group Late Guest at the Party taps into the carefree, house-inspired rhythms, glistening synth lines, and instantly recognizable lyrical themes that ushered electronica into crossover pop in the '90s - surely a golden era for club jams if ever there was one. While their sound seems to have solidified around that nostalgic inspiration, it [...]

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