Seven Music Videos That Represent the Female Gaze

The male gaze is practically part of our collective cultural definition of a music video. Even videos by seemingly progressive bands, like The 1975's "Girls" and The Chainsmokers' "Beach House," present women as props, dancing scantily clad in the background. But recently, female artists have been taking back the medium by creating videos that speak [...]

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PREMIERE: Lauren Eylise Documentary “The Most” Centers Female Experience

Lauren Eylise wanted to do something special for the music video for her song, "The Most." "The Most (Madonna-Whore Interlude)" comes off the Cincinnati singer's most recent album, Life / Death / Life and explores themes of shame, expression, and owning the dialogue surrounding female sexuality. Because of her connection to the song and the [...]

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INTERVIEW: Trans Rapper Mz. Neon Celebrates Her “Pussy Stick” with Newest Single

Sporting an ecstatic mane of blond curls and heart-shaped sunglasses, it’s easy to mistake Neon Music for a living Barbie Doll and not the trans Lil’ Kim. She’s five-foot-four-inches of teased-out Hollywood glamour that stares down the blond bombshell archetype, then dropkicks it. But rhymes come just as effortlessly as fierce-femme style to this up-and-coming [...]

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PREMIERE: Oginalii “Light As A Feather”

The impulse to drive on a darkened highway in the middle of nowhere is probably a Midwestern thing. Nashville-based Oginalii's latest offering "Light As A Feather" features the foreboding vocals and tense vibe needed to brave the winding night. With a ticking clock is an opening harbinger, Guitarist Emma Hoeflinger's voice twists and turns throughout [...]

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INTERVIEW: Ziemba Extends an Invite to Parallel World of Ardis with “Veritas in Terra”

all photos by Megan Mack René Kladzyk has made it her artistic purpose to merge various media since the very beginning of her musical project Ziemba; her debut LP came with an incense made from flowers in and around her childhood home, and her live shows frequently feature the diffusion of scents she's [...]

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INTERVIEW: Evelyn Frances Plants the Seeds of Her Upcoming Record

Photo by Chloé Jarnac Tucked away on Orchard Street among eclectic restaurants (and the karaoke spot where I’ve put on a few shows of my own) sits the modest entrance to Rockwood Music Hall’s Stage 3. It’s a basement lounge filled with candlelit two-person tables and a trapezoidal stage that looks made for [...]

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PREMIERE: Sarah Potenza Shreds Shame on “Diamond”

The world doesn't make believing in yourself easy—especially if you're treading a path less traveled. No one knows that better than Sarah Potenza, the powerhouse vocalist and songwriter who went from being virtually unknown to wowing judges and becoming a semi-finalist on NBC's The Voice in 2015. Her stint on the show helped jettison her [...]

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INTERVIEW: TWIN XL Talk Music, “Friends,” and Their Upcoming Debut

Brothers Stephen and John Gomez and Cameron Walker are no strangers to success. Following chart-topping careers with The Summer Set and Nekokat, the trio united after working together to write and produce music for trailers, commercials, and other artists, such as All Time Low, Lindsey Stirling, and Life of Dillon. The result - TWIN XL [...]

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8 Songs Celebrating Female Masturbation, for Better or Worse

NYC electronic artist Von not only writes about female masturbation, she literally creates songs from her orgasms. Over the past few years, female masturbation has gone from a total taboo to a popular topic among those looking to add a little ~edge~ to their art. We haven’t made it all the way to [...]

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Photo Credit: Grace Pendleton A guitar is only about eight pounds, but it can feel much heavier when you bear that weight on a shoulder prone to dislocation. Likewise, it’s not easy to play it with swollen and dislocated finger joints. But since she took up playing professionally, Natasha Jacobs – the force [...]

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