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PLAYING THE BAY: 10 Years On, Burger Boogaloo 2019 Must Reconsider Its Relationship With The City It Loves

all photos by Sophia Vaccaro   Walking up to the MacArthur entrance of the 10th annual Burger Boogaloo festival was akin to walking under the big top of a circus tent, the everyday machinations of Mosswood Park suddenly swathed by a curtain of pounding drums as children twisted on swing sets, their caretakers [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Kevin Nichols Rocks the Hallowed Grounds of 924 Gilman

photo by Rianne Garrido.   Kevin Nichols wanted to know how much time he had left on stage. “Till you puke!” cried the man behind me. This was met with silence, perhaps one nervous laugh, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the purity of an old punk sentiment in a an old punk [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Thank You Come Again Find Potential in Contrast On Debut EP

The debut EP  from San Francisco-based band Thank You Come Again occupies an interesting space between old-school rock n’ roll and something newer and more intimate. EP opener “Creature” starts us off with a grungy guitar riff that takes its time burrowing into one ear before the rest of the instrumentals join in. A few [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Madi Sipes & the Painted Blue Find the Beat of a “Heavy Heart”

Credit where it’s due to Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue for maintaining a consistent aesthetic. The album art for the last few singles look like snapshots from the underground parlor of a lovelorn 1940s tattoo artist who hasn’t skipped a day of adding her beauty mark in the last 10 years. Their latest, "Heavy [...]

By |2019-06-22T19:37:01-04:00June 19th, 2019|COLUMNS, Playing The Bay|

PLAYING THE BAY: Slumped Prepares for Summer Onslaught with Self-Titled LP

photo by Zoe Griffing Heller The genesis of summer is upon us, and with its verdant green and gold also comes a reckoning. What do we do with the remnants of ourselves left over from winter and spring? If you’re heartbroken or enraged or otherwise blasted to bits, the long, sun-soaked hours practically [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: MUSH Delivers “A Night of Black Magic” with Maya Songbird and Ah Mer Ah Su

Last week I traversed to Jack London Square for the second show of BFF.fm’s summer concert series, MUSH. With the goal of highlighting the diverse sounds of the Bay Area music scene, MUSH promises a small outdoor concert experience a stone’s throw from the Jack London square eateries and nearby bars. While BFF.fm still has [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Psych Rockers Cellar Doors Take a Ride on Self-Titled Debut

Cellar Doors play a show at Milk Bar, with projections by Mad Alchemy. Photo by Tyler Loring. Hello Audiofemmes! I’m Sophia, your new Playing the Bay columnist. I am: native Berkeley garbage, a sweet-n-sour enthusiast, and a novice mosher. Got some good bands for me to check out? Let me know on Instagram [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Ray Reck Brings the Bounce

A little over seven years ago, Ray Reck accepted an invitation on a whim to DJ a gig in San Francisco, and since then has been swinging beats and moving hips from Venice Beach, to San Jose, to Oakland and San Francisco. Representing the spirit of Oakland Bounce, a femme collective of bounce enthusiasts, Ray [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Arumi Dances on the Glass Ceiling

Straight outta Southern California, Arumi discovered her artistic expression in the Bay Area through a love of house and world music. As a recent graduate of San Francisco State University, she manifests her passion for music through DJing and producing. Alongside DJ Lil Waifu, Arumi cofounded Global Thotties - a collective for female artists focusing in [...]

By |2018-08-09T17:04:08-04:00July 31st, 2018|COLUMNS, Playing The Bay|

PLAYING THE BAY: MahaWam is Taking Names and Snatching Wigs

MahaWam has become a staple among many establishments in San Francisco and Oakland, weaving house beats with his influence of tech metal and progressive rock to usher in a new era of queer freedom and expression. On any given night you can find MahaWam hosting and organizing club nights and events with notable Bay Area DJs [...]

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