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Every Thursday, we explore the music scene in Columbus, Ohio.

PLAYING COLUMBUS: The Turbos Critique Police Brutality with New Video

Photo courtesy of Mitchell Multimedia "America, it's the land of the free/Most have rights, but they don't extend to me." These powerful lines open The Turbos' latest release, "'Murica." Filmed by Caden Huston, the video that accompanies the new song shows the four-piece playing in front of a screen that flashes images of police [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: Damn the Witch Siren Makes ‘Magic’ on New album

Their first album since 2015’s Back to Dreaming, Damn the Witch Siren’s latest release, Red Magic is brooding and addictive. The band’s tags on Bandcamp almost say it all: “electronic, electropop, pop, sex, witch rock, Columbus,” they read. But along with the sex, and the dance beats, and the fizzy electronics, Damn the Witch Siren [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: Saintseneca Returns to Their Roots

Columbus' Saintseneca has grown a lot since their start in 2007. But when they returned to Columbus on tour, playing two sold-out nights at Ace of Cups, it was clear that their hometown base hasn't budged. Joined by two other burgeoning local acts – Counterfeit Madison and Connections –Saintseneca's show last Friday night was packed [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: Bands to Watch – An Annotated Playlist

Grunge Dad is one of Columbus Alive's Bands to Watch. Imagine: Columbus Alive just released their much anticipated lineup for their annual Bands to Watch concert, and the coffee shop conversation is relentless. The show – which will include Sarob, Grunge Dad, Akula, Souther, and Future Nuns – is this Saturday, but you don't [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: St. Vincent @ Express Live!

"Columbus isn't Columbus without you love," Annie Clark sang, opening her 2017 single "New York" cabaret-style, stripped of her guitar, video projections, and samples. "It's called 'New York,'" Clark explained, "but you could substitute Columbus for it, and make your own tune with all of Columbus' beautiful landmarks." The crowd laughed. In 2017, Clark – [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: Absinthe Father on Making DIY Spaces Safer

Haley Butters of Absinthe Father doesn't stop at making music - they also advocate for safer, more inclusive DIY spaces. All photos by Kaiya Gordon. Haley Butters of Absinthe Father has been running DIY spaces since they were 16. “It was really time consuming,” they admit, “and probably not the smartest thing for [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: Rapper/Activist Vada Azeem to Release Poignant Children’s Story

Vada Azeem is irrevocably tied to Columbus. After growing up on the Northeast side of the city, Azeem studied at the Columbus College of Art & Design for a year, and then mentored youth at the Central Community House in Old Towne East (which you can support at no personal cost by signing up for [...]

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Whether you think Columbus is as cold as I do (@ me, midwesterners) or not, shorter days and darker skies can drag at anyone's energy. And for those estranged from family or friends, this time of year is especially hard. If the holiday festivities are draining you, fear not! Check out our Playing Columbus-approved activity [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: “Wrecka Playa” Imagines the Future of Music

I drifted into a nap at 3pm on Saturday, December 9th, waking an hour later to find all of Columbus covered in snow. I freaked out – it was cold, and I’m Californian, and I didn’t understand how the ground could disappear so quickly. But walking up to the entrance of Second Sight Project later [...]

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PLAYING COLUMBUS: Mouth Mag Highlights Local Hip Hop

OG Vern. Photo by Annie Noelker When Annie Noelker moved to Columbus in 2014 to attend Columbus College of Art & Design, she was already interested in stories. "As a little kid I would hide under my covers and read until I fell asleep," she tells me. "I found visual art and storytelling [...]

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