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Every Tuesday, we explore the music scene in Bloomington, Indiana.

PLAYING BLOOMINGTON: Punks Give Back @ The Root Cellar

Punks Give Back! Bloomington is a local branch of Punks Give Back!, a national, not-for-profit organization that supports local artists and organizers to raise money for local nonprofit organizations. Punks Give Back! Bloomington organizes a monthly event with music and poetry in order to channel funds into various organizations that support local underserved and underprivileged [...]

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PLAYING BLOOMINGTON: Amy O on Zine Culture and Basement Pop

Seventy low laps around the track You’ll want to look back From Ohio to the east onto the midwest Time pools in the past Amy Oelsner (otherwise known as Amy O) has been fine-tuning her brand of grunge-infused basement pop since 2004. Although some might know her as one-half of the Bloomington-based duo Brenda’s Friend (alongside Erin [...]

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PLAYING BLOOMINGTON: A Lo-Fi Showdown at King Dough

Located on the north end of the city square, King Dough is Bloomington’s bourgie-hipster pizza spot, the type of place that offers a pizza topped with grapes, bleu cheese, and honey (which I highly recommend), alongside charcuterie and local craft beer. Drawing from an industrial aesthetic and open kitchen concept, King Dough has a large [...]

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PLAYING BLOOMINGTON: Landlocked Record Store Day

It is no secret that in the increasingly capitalized digital age we now find ourselves living in, independently owned record stores are struggling more than ever to remain afloat. The first annual Record Store Day was celebrated ten years ago as an initiative to support independently owned record stores around the world. Once a year, [...]

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PLAYING BLOOMINGTON: Why Bloomington? An Intro to Hoosier Punk

The back cover of MX-80 Sound LP Out of the Tunnel. Photo by Kim Torgerson (c. 1980) I moved from Brooklyn, New York to Bloomington, Indiana in the fall of 2014 to pursue a PhD in Ethnomusicology at Indiana University - in a nutshell, to study music within its cultural context. Coming from a background [...]

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