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Every other Thursday, we explore the music scene in Atlanta, Georgia.

PLAYING ATLANTA: True Blossom is in Full Bloom with New LP Heater

Atlanta's varied music scene is no secret; in just a few short months, Playing Atlanta has featured garage rock, indie rock duos, Americana singer-songwriters, and disciples of Southern Rock, but even that doesn't begin to cover the true mosaic of the city. Audiofemme got the chance to talk with True Blossom, a bright, joyous pop experience, who have [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: The Ain’t Sisters Talk Music, Feminism, and the Marrow of Life

The Ain't Sisters are one of the raddest and most versatile groups Atlanta has to offer. Whether playing as an acoustic duo in front of a crowd of fifty at The Red Light Cafe, or captivating audience as a rockin' quartet, they bring passion, charisma, raw bravado, and a certain indescribable "oomph" to the music. The [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Stop, Rock & Roll with The Ides of June

Atlanta's music is as varied as the people who call the city home, blending the sounds of pop, rock, alternative, R&B, hip-hop, and singer-songwriter to create a constantly moving, evolving scene. Even so, there's no mistaking the history of music in the region... or the city's proximity to Southern Rock's hometown, just two hours south [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Chris Coleman and The Reason He Leaves

One thing that I've noticed as the years go by is that, as we get older, our lives get simpler. Not that the problems, stresses, or worries disappear, but the things that kept us rattled as teenagers into our early twenties seem to settle into their designated place, and the things that really matter - [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Pariah Recorders Launches with a Bang

So far, Audiofemme has had the chance to connect with some incredible Atlanta bands through Playing Atlanta. This week, we're taking it a step further into the music scene to chat with Nick Magliochetti, the owner of Pariah Recorders, a brand new studio opening its doors to the Atlanta scene. AF: You’ve just opened a studio with [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: MammaBear Speaks Volumes With Latest LP SAY

It's easy to describe Atlanta psych-rock group MammaBear with one word: wild. The brainchild of band leader Kyle Gordon, a MammaBear show is an intense ride from start to finish, unlike anything most millennial music fans have ever experienced. As the band prepares to release their upcoming record, SAY, in March, Gordon took a few minutes to [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: The Pussywillows Are Atlanta’s Hardest Rocking (and Hardest Working) Indie Rock Duo

Photo Credit: Kara Hammond When watching Hannah Zale and Carly Gibson, the dynamic duo at the front of Atlanta indie rock outfit The Pussywillows, perform on stage, it’s easy to get lost in the effortless synchronicity presented. They are perfect complements to one another, standing toe to toe and side by side, pushing [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Catching Up with Atlanta’s Favorite Girl-Boss, Sydney Eloise

all photos by Maggie Salesman With a rapidly growing music school and a successful music career of her own, calling Sydney Eloise busy would be an understatement. Many Atlanta residents know her as the frontwoman of '60s-infused indie pop group Sydney Eloise & The Palms, but she's also founder at Little Treblemakers, Atlanta’s [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: The Howling Tongues Premiere New Single “Daily Dose”

When The Howling Tongues hit you, you know it. Atlanta’s brazen sons of rock ’n roll — Davey Rockett, Nick Magliochetti, Brandon Witcher, Thomas Wainright, and Tylor James — are best known for their signature garage rock-inspired records and over-the-top, bombastic performances, and made their name in the darkest, grimiest rock clubs around the country [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Starbenders Keep Rock Alive (And Weird) With Their Biggest Year Yet

photo by Vegas Giovanni When considering the Atlanta music scene, few bands encapsulate the weird, ecstatic, constantly-changing energy as well as Starbenders. The halfway home for misunderstood misfits, fringers, and glam punks, Starbenders — made up of Emily Moon on the drums, bassist Aaron Lecesne, guitarist and vocalist Kriss Tokaji, and the fierce [...]

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