PLAYING CINCY: Cash Daniel Talks Touring, Latest LP & Next Project

Cash Daniel has a lot to celebrate. AudioFemme caught up with the Ohio rapper at the listening party for his new project, Not Just Another Vacation Too, where he was celebrating his album, wedding anniversary, and birthday. Not Just Another Vacation Too is the second of its series, following up the original, which Cash dropped [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Holy Beach Turn Up The Volume with Debut Record

When Atlanta's heavy experimental metal-rock sextet, Holy Beach, hits you, you know it. Beyond the sheer wall of sound that attacks with a visceral physicality, Holy Beach display an uncanny ability to harness lightning in a bottle. Far from a timid debut, the sextet - formed in early 2019 by lead vocalist and guitarist John [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Oakland’s Skip the Needle Are Done Holding Anything Back

photo by Irene Young. As Bay Area music industry veterans, the four members of Skip the Needle have run the gamut through the bullshit and, according to the lead single from their newest full-length project, they ain’t never going back. “We Ain’t Never Going Back” is the title track from Skip the Needle's forthcoming [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: Princess Tiana Keeps Moving After Release of “Going Places”

Cincinnati's princess of pop, Princess Tiana, dropped off her Going Places LP, following up the project's previously released singles "Fallback" and "Trip." The sugary-sweet 7-track record plays up Tiana's vocal range over danceable beats. Going Places is Tiana's debut album and follows up her 2017 Believe It EP and her remixed version of Ella Mai's [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: Fall in Love with Lizzie Weber’s Latest Single, “When You Look At Me”

press photo by Tony Hammons Like a child's pirouette, the new single from songwriter Lizzie Weber, "When You Look At Me," spins gentle and dreamlike. Inspired by the early days of her relationship with her now-husband, "When You Look at Me," is sung with the sort of tender lilt that plunges someone into [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: 10 Years On, Burger Boogaloo 2019 Must Reconsider Its Relationship With The City It Loves

all photos by Sophia Vaccaro   Walking up to the MacArthur entrance of the 10th annual Burger Boogaloo festival was akin to walking under the big top of a circus tent, the everyday machinations of Mosswood Park suddenly swathed by a curtain of pounding drums as children twisted on swing sets, their caretakers [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Curtis Roach shines on Sophomore LP, ‘Lellow’

Like any 20-year-old, Curtis Roach has gone through some major changes in the last year: moving out of his mom’s house, entering and exiting college, trying out veganism. However, navigating life as an up-and-coming, critically acclaimed hip hop artist has proved to be the most difficult. Regardless, Roach is determined to stay positive through it [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Sarah and the Safe Word Reinvent Cabaret with Red Hot & Holy

Ever wonder what the music at Jay Gatsby's funeral would've sounded like? I have to admit, I hadn't either, until I saw a one-liner in the bio of Atlanta sextet, Sarah and the Safe Word that simply said, "Jay Gatsby died, we played the funeral." Theatrical and vividly operatic in theme, Sarah and the Safe [...]

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ONLY NOISE: DJing is My Meditation

The author blisses out on the decks: Dolce Vita at The Lash in Los Angeles, 2018. Photo courtesy Liz Ohanesian ONLY NOISE explores music fandom with poignant personal essays that examine the ways we’re shaped by our chosen soundtrack. This week, Liz Ohanesian struggles to focus and live in the moment - until she [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Kevin Nichols Rocks the Hallowed Grounds of 924 Gilman

photo by Rianne Garrido.   Kevin Nichols wanted to know how much time he had left on stage. “Till you puke!” cried the man behind me. This was met with silence, perhaps one nervous laugh, but I couldn’t help but appreciate the purity of an old punk sentiment in a an old punk [...]

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