PLAYING THE BAY: Slumped Prepares for Summer Onslaught with Self-Titled LP

photo by Zoe Griffing Heller The genesis of summer is upon us, and with its verdant green and gold also comes a reckoning. What do we do with the remnants of ourselves left over from winter and spring? If you’re heartbroken or enraged or otherwise blasted to bits, the long, sun-soaked hours practically [...]

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PLAYING DETROIT: Tiny Jag Smashes the Patriarchy With Horror Rap on Salem EP

Photo cred: Se7enfifteen If you haven’t boarded the Tiny Jag train yet, it’s time to hop on or forever be asleep. The Detroit-based rapper has had an explosive year since her debut EP Polly last year, and she just dropped a brand new tape, Salem, which brings her cheeky horror-rap to the next [...]

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PLAYING CINCY: TRIIIBE’s Siri Imani Talks Gentrification on “513” She-mix

Photo by Taylor Hughes. TRIIIBE's Siri Imani called out Cincinnati gentrification in her new "513" she-mix of Drake and BlocBoy JB's 2018 hit, "Look Alive." The addictive beat of the track puts it on instant replay as Siri brings light to the inequality and displacement currently affecting those in Cincinnati's downtown Over-The-Rhine area. [...]

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HIGH NOTES: 7 Songs About Cocaine That Will Make It Hard to Feel Your Face

When you think of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, cocaine is probably at least one of the drugs you think of. Celebrities, musicians included, have a reputation for snorting coke at their Hollywood parties, as well as in their daily lives — and they’re not afraid to sing about it. Here are some of [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Victoria Blade Talks Lo-Fi Love Songs and the Long Road Home

For singer-songwriter, actress, and filmmaker Victoria Blade, home is less of a place than a state of mind. Michigan-born, Blade has since called Detroit, Chicago, Brooklyn, and - finally - Atlanta home. Before you start calculating how much time and energy it would take to simply move from city to city, let me add another [...]

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ONLY NOISE: Real(istic) Love

  ONLY NOISE explores music fandom with poignant personal essays that examine the ways we’re shaped by our chosen soundtrack. This week, Erin Lyndal Martin shares a selection of songs that jar her out of a sardonic mindset when it comes to romance. There’s nothing wrong with sugary love songs. But I don’t trust them [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: MUSH Delivers “A Night of Black Magic” with Maya Songbird and Ah Mer Ah Su

Last week I traversed to Jack London Square for the second show of BFF.fm’s summer concert series, MUSH. With the goal of highlighting the diverse sounds of the Bay Area music scene, MUSH promises a small outdoor concert experience a stone’s throw from the Jack London square eateries and nearby bars. While BFF.fm still has [...]

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PET POLITICS: Eliza Black of Gesserit Talks Turtles, Cats, and Solo Songwriting

Eliza and Lazer (all photos courtesy of Eliza Black unless otherwise noted). Eliza Black has the haunting, resounding voice of a fallen angel. With her low, slow, speaking voice - not quite a drawl but dripping a bit of Texas, her large, melancholy eyes, endearing gap-toothed grin, thick waves, liquid limbs, and flowing [...]

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PLAYING ATLANTA: Grace Conley Lives and Learns on Debut EP Indigo Sky

For singer-songwriter and high school senior Grace Conley, change has almost become second nature. As she approaches the next chapter of her life, however, she felt compelled to look back and chronicle her growth through some difficult goodbyes, painful moments, and take a big leap of faith into a world that's full of the unknown, [...]

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PLAYING SEATTLE: The “Cosmic Glitter” of Golden Gardens

Cosmic glitter. That's how singer Aubrey Bramble describes Golden Gardens, the band she co-founded with Gregg Neville in 2012. She's dead on, of course. Their last album, 2016's Reign, is one ethereal, melancholic starburst after another. Likewise, the listening experience of  their newest single, "Desert Rose," is less a walk on parched earth than it is [...]

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