PLAYING CINCY: Cash Daniel Talks Touring, Latest LP & Next Project

Playing Cincinnati
Cash Daniel / Not Just Another Vacation Too

Cash Daniel has a lot to celebrate. AudioFemme caught up with the Ohio rapper at the listening party for his new project, Not Just Another Vacation Too, where he was celebrating his album, wedding anniversary, and birthday.

Not Just Another Vacation Too is the second of its series, following up the original, which Cash dropped back in 2016. A lot has changed for the rapper during the past three years, and the new banger-laden record proves it.

The album’s title comes from Cash’s touring experiences and a reminder of his hard work every time he leaves his home state. He’s about to finish up a tour that took him through Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, Toronto, the West Coast, Mississippi and more, which inspired him to put together this latest project in his Not Just Another Vacation series.

“I’ve been going places that look like vacations, but it’s also work,” Cash said to the crowd at his album release party. “When you’re going somewhere, you take advantage of it. Networking opportunities, opportunities to get outside of the area.”

Not Just Another Vacation Too boasts several noteworthy producers, like CashMoneyAp, and hits its highlights on “Way Up,” “Spinach” featuring Lil Mopp Topp, “Back to the Money,” “If I Ain’t the Best” and closing track, “Parachute.”

Here, Cash talks his new album, what traveling has taught him, and reveals some details about his next project.

AF: The idea behind the title of your album is that you’re not vacationing; you’re traveling and taking things in. So what are some things you’ve been learning from your tour stops and the people that you’ve met?

CD: Really it’s like people are people everywhere. They’re not too much different wherever you go. People are kind of stuck in their bubbles and at times afraid of what’s going to be outside of that bubble and who’s going to be outside of it. I come from a small town, I grew up with people whose parents have never left that town. They might drive an hour out of the way to a bigger city and feel like they’re going somewhere. So it’s just like there’s no reason to be afraid to travel. That’s the main thing. There’s no reason to be afraid to travel and get things from it. I aim to inspire people from my hometown, like, look, I’m doing these things, you can do these things too.

AF: What’s been your favorite part of touring?

CD: My favorite part is really just getting experience and new energy with all types of different people. Getting to see new people that have never heard the music, never experienced the music, people who are not familiar with me and become instant fans. It’s not necessarily a surprise because I’m confident in my music, but I would have never gotten to touch these people if I hadn’t decided to go out on a limb and do these things.

AF: “Way Up” is produced by CashMoneyAp. How did that collaboration come about?

CD: I met him and heard him speak and he was just cool and I had heard a lot about him, so I just reached out.

AF: Are you working on any visuals for this album?

CD: “Parachute” is probably the song we’ll do a visual for first and then we’ll kind of figure it out from there. Those are probably gonna be done by Dre Shot This.

Cash Daniel / Not Just Another Vacation Too
Courtesy of Cash Daniel.

AF: You mentioned you’ll be working with Cincinnati producer Evan on your next project. What will that look like?

CD: The next one will probably get into a more reflective, deeper space, and that’s kind of a space if you have to get yourself into. You can kind of make yourself sad doing records like that. When I’m working with Evan, that’ll probably be the vibe that we’re working with.

AF: Are you thinking a full album?

CD: I want to let this breathe. But I’m still thinking I’ll probably drop an EP in the fall. I’m planning on working with Cincinnati producers for the next project I do.

AF: Not Just Another Vacation Too is a fun album. Where were you at mentally when you created the lyrical concepts?

CD: I didn’t really go into it to create the album. All of my records before this have been kind of darker for a while, but then I started to make lighter records, funner records, and then I came across these songs [and they] sounded fun. I put them together to make Not Just Another Vacation Too. I had about 40 to 50 songs to select from and we wanted to get it together in the summer.

AF: Since this album is a sequel, have you seen your growth since your initial 2016 project?

CD: Definitely. I feel like I kind of cut corners making that record, and older ones, and now I can see some growth. Definitely have developed my craft.

Cash Daniel / Not Just Another Vacation Too
Courtesy of Cash Daniel.
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