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PREMIERE: Lauren Rocket “Rattlesnake”

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Lauren Rocket is the embodiment of the word "badass," and that's no clearer than in her latest single, "Rattlesnake." In the video for the fierce, beat-driven rebel anthem, we see Rocket dancing around the house, ravenously eating sweets, and posing in an "Anarchy" shirt while singing lyrics like, "I like the [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: HARD Day of the Dead Festival Mixes EDM and Spirituality

On Saturday, October 26, I attended a San Pedro ceremony. With a group of fellow journeyers, I drank the extract of a psychedelic cactus sourced from Peru, danced around a circle to live music, shook rattles, played drums, lay down to focus on my own insights and visions, and had drug-induced heart-to-hearts with other participants. [...]

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PREMIERE: Maija Sofia “Elizabeth”

Irish singer-songwriter Maija Sofia's debut album Bath Time (Nov 22) is a lesson in history — particularly in history's forgotten women. Its first single, "The Glitter," centers on Caribbean novelist Jean Rhys and the displacement and misrepresentation she faced after coming to England at age 16. Another of the tracks, "Elizabeth," is about Elizabeth Siddal, a [...]

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HIGH NOTES: An Acid Trip on a Third Date, in Music

J and I met on Tinder and developed a relationship equal parts unconventional and beautiful. Our first date was vegan food and a late night beach walk, our second was mushrooms, and our third, perhaps the richest with meaning, was acid. J had a few hits left over from a prior trip, which he was [...]

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Seven Songs Celebrating the Female Orgasm

Female sexual pleasure doesn't get the attention it deserves, in the bedroom or in music. It's traditionally been more common for male artists to sing about what turns them on, but that's changing. With more and more female artists unabashedly singing about sex — and more male artists unashamed to admit they love pleasing women [...]

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Credit: Andrew Bordeaux NYC-based alt-pop artist PETRA started playing piano before she could walk and got her first electric guitar when she was six, after she complained to her mother that she wanted to be her "own kind of musician." Today, this philosophy of independence is still in her music, which contains empowering [...]

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INTERVIEW: Viking Witch Isabella Steinsdotter Shares Empowering Single “Hidden Child”

Photo Credit: Graham Cann Isabella Steinsdotter, known simply as Steinsdotter professionally, is best known as a visual artist. However, she recently debuted her first single, "Hidden Child," a song about reclaiming your body in the aftermath of a sexual assault. The music and its accompanying video (directed by Fayann Smith) are equal parts [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Incubus @ Radio City Music Hall

Ten years ago, I saw Incubus at Radio City Music Hall. It was also 10 years after my favorite album of theirs, Make Yourself, came out. Though I first fell in love with the band back in high school, we'd grown apart since, and we rekindled our romance that summer, one-sided as it was. I'd [...]

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HIGH NOTES: 7 Songs About MDMA, Because It’s MDMAzing

Madonna in an MDNA era shoot by fashion photographers Mert Alaş and Marcus Piggott. MDMA has long been closely intertwined with music. It's many festival and nightclub-goers' drug of choice, and for good reason: it has a way of making every song sound infectious and every flashing light look vivid and brilliant. It's [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Chris Cohen @ Non Plus Ultra

All photos by Suzannah Weiss They say getting there is half the fun, and that was definitely true for indie art-rock artist Chris Cohen's latest show at Non Plus Ultra in LA. The underground venue's address is ever-changing, as I discovered when I arrived at the one listed online and found only houses. [...]

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