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ALBUM REVIEW: Future Islands “The Far Field”

“It’s not easy, just being human, and the lights and the smoke and screens,” sings Sam Herring on Future Islands’ latest record, The Far Field. It isn’t. Our lives are a sloppy amalgamation of highs and lows, love and hate, obsession and apathy. In essence, this record faces this reality head on: it’s a devastatingly [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Sorority Noise “You’re Not As _____ As You Think”

Hartford emo band Sorority Noise released their third full length record, You’re Not As _____ As You Think, this week. It’s so self-aware it’s like the Scream of emo records. It’s formulaic as far as pop punk records go, but the band almost points it out ironically, trying to hedge out a comfortable space in [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Planning For Burial “Below The House”

Below The House is the latest offering of musician Thom Wasluck, who has been recording and performing as Planning For Burial since 2005. Romantic and devastating all at once, the record is about nostalgia and the pain of loss - a prime example of how an artist can meddle with various genres to add emotional nuance [...]

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EP REVIEW: Witch Coast, “Devil Vision”

DC indie punk band Witch Coast unexpectedly dropped a new EP, Devil Vision, on Friday. Their latest incarnation since 2015's full length Burnt Out By 3PM, they put this out on vocalist Jon Weiss's own Babe City Records. Witch Coast's relevance rests on their spot-on interpretation of early adulthood ennui, born on their earlier releases [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Priests “Nothing Feels Natural”

“Art is inherently political. Art informs politics and politics inform art,” said Priests frontwoman Katie Alice Greer in December when her band played a surprise show at Alphaville in Bushwick. This was post-election, and Greer was comforting a distressed audience, but her stance wasn’t surprising; that America is, in reality, a dark place isn’t news [...]

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