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LA-based dream-pop duo, TVRQUOISE is following up their debut duo single release with a brand new video for their cosmic and synthy record, "Paralyzed Legs". The track contains looping vocal melodies that wrap around entrancing textured beats and twinkling piano synth. Hailing from Michigan and NYC respectively, Faye Wellman and Matt Hogan met at Berklee College of Music [...]

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TRACK REVIEW: Von Sell, “Names”

Brooklyn electropop artist, Von Sell continues to keep us warm on these increasingly chilly days with a new track ahead of his debut self-titled EP coming out on Friday. "Names" is another high-gloss production masterpiece that showcases his knack for hooky, gorgeous vocal melodies paired with whimsical, inventive orchestration and electronic embellishments - features that at one [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Sharkmuffin “Fun Stuff”

Brooklyn-based Glam-grunge-shredwave trio, Sharkmuffin, are releasing the video for their witty, rambling post-punk jam "Fun Stuff" today. Shot entirely by drone, it depicts the ladies jamming out at a beach house on the Jersey shore, on a blustery day in November. With a hazy filter and clever edits, the video as a whole straddles [...]

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PREVIEW: Gold Child + Anni Rossi + Elayo @ Manhattan Inn on 9/18

Catch up-and-coming psych folk artist, Gold Child, as she's joined by Anni Rossi and Ellayo for an intimate performance at Manhattan Inn on 9/18. Manhattan Inn, once known as an experimental music mecca has been curating more and more indie shows over the past year, slowly becoming the new "It" venue for bands breaking onto the [...]

By |2018-08-09T17:09:11-05:00September 15th, 2016|Upcoming Events|

TRACK PREMIERE: Oktavian, “Liar”

NYC-based pop artist, Oktavian is back on the scene today with a new soulful R&B ballad, "Liar". Replete with his signature, face-melting, hook-y vocal refrains that conjure a Justin Timberlake/James Blake love child, this track will make you want to simultaneously dance and cry. Check it out below!

By |2018-08-09T17:09:29-05:00August 19th, 2016|Reviews|

TRACK REVIEW: Von Sell, “Stay”

Our electropop wonder-boy, Von Sell, is back with a brand new single, "Stay" following his last release, "I Insist", which came out in April to ubiquitously enthusiastic reviews. His debut EP will be dropping this fall, and "Stay" is the perfect teaser to show us what's in store. More electronic in conceit than his previous two [...]

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EVENT OF THE WEEK: LIFEFORCE – A Group Show of 24 Female Artists Curated by Kelsey and Rémy Bennett @ The Untitled Space

Featured in "LIFEFORCE" Exhibit, Untitled Space Gallery, New York Bourgeoning art gallery, The Untitled Space will be launching a group show on 7/26 featuring the work of 24 female artists curated by Kelsey and Rémy Bennett. The show will run through 8/6 and is absolutely not to be missed. Peep below for more info!! [...]

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TRACK PREMIERE: Alexis Keegan, “Everything”

LA-based soul-pop artist, Alexis Keegan is releasing a new track today, following up her breakthrough single, "Worry No More" which came out last year, placing her on the Billboard and Mediabase radars as well as propelling her into the commercial radio realm as the number one most added independent artist at indie radio. "Everything", out today, [...]

By |2018-08-09T17:09:40-05:00July 21st, 2016|EXCLUSIVE, Reviews|

TRACK REVIEW: Mickey Valen, “Who Do You Love” (Feat Lyre)

NYC-based electropop producer, Mickey Valen, released a brand new track this week, featuring Nashville-based pop production/writing duo, Lyre. "Who Do You Love" delivers a perfect blend of insistent, innovative beats with an exultant, melodic vocal track. The result is a perfect summer anthem, simultaneously chill and and dance-y. Take a listen below!  

By |2018-08-09T17:09:43-05:00July 8th, 2016|Reviews|

TRACK PREMIERE: Oktavian, “Truth Hurts”

Up-and-coming electro-R&B artist and producer, Oktavian (who has written on the past two Lara Maxen tracks), released a brand new velvety-smooth summer jam today on Audiofemme. Starting off with a soft, low beat underpinning Oktavian's airy vocal track, "Truth Hurts" unfolds and transitions into synthy instrumentals  before incorporating his voice back in and dissolving into an array [...]

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