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Raindear is the Swedish indie-electro artist 25-year-old Rebecca Bergcrantz. With dark purple lipstick, a septum piercing, and hair so fine someone would steal it to make extensions, the artist transcends her personal style through music and visual aesthetics to create a fairy tale with a perfect built-in soundtrack. We’ve seen a lot of this particular genre of music emerge from her homeland, so to say that she’s caught our attention isn’t so much jumping on the bandwagon, but rather finding someone who sticks out of the herd. “Veins” (WTNSS Remix) is a moodier take on the original, a well-tied version of lumbering bass sewn with joyful synths, all decked-out with her enchanting voice.

Check out “Veins” (WTNSS Remix) below.

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Sophie Saint Thomas is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn. She has written for VICE, Playboy, Marie Claire, High Times and more. She has more than one David Bowie tattoo.