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ALBUM REVIEW: Alvvays, Antisocialites

If Alvvays’ eponymous first record articulated a quintessentially modern fear of commitment, then newly released follow-up Antisocialites captures the next logical step, which is an ambivalence about it. The Toronto band gained momentum in 2014 with their self-titled debut, a nine-song batch of whimsical but sharp tracks that bemoaned romance as a twenty-something in the [...]

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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Highlights from Echo Park Rising

Fartbarf at Echo Park Rising (taken from Echo Park Rising's Facebook page) Don't believe what your bitter NYC friends tell you - Los Angeles is magical city. It sprawls magnificently in all directions, hiding its best gems in clear sight. Echo Park Rising is a free festival that offers the best parts of [...]

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PLAYING BLOOMINGTON: On Dasher’s Powerful Debut Sodium

   Kylee Kimbrough knocked over her drum set and walked off the stage as the crowd took pictures and cheered at the Dasher release party this weekend. Along with bandmates Gary Magilla (bass) and Derek McCain (guitar), she had just delivered a stormy live performance in celebration of Sodium, Dasher’s debut full length album. The [...]

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VIDEO REVIEW: Psymon Spine “Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels”

photo by Jennifer Medina The last video from eclectic Brooklyn band Psymon Spine was full of dancing bodies and dizzying effects, enough to warrant a seizure warning (check out “Yoana” here, if you dare). The star of Psymon Spine’s latest video, however, is not a person, but a blank canvas. As “Eric’s Basement & [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Jesse “De-pression”

Jesse Jerome Jenkins V will release his solo debut as Jesse on June 23. As the lead singer of Pure X, Jesse Jerome Jenkins V made hazy psych-pop as blissed out as his band's moniker would imply. But it's been three years since the release of Angel, leaving fans to wonder what became [...]

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ARTIST INTERVIEW: Monograms Discuss New ‘Silencer’ EP

Originally a solo project created by Brooklyn musician Ian Jacobs, Monograms is now a fully fledged band. Their latest release, Silencer, explores a grittier side of hook-filled pop music by distilling it with elements of lo-fi garage rock. There’s a sense of dreaminess that hangs over the entire EP, akin to looking through the haze of [...]

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LIVE REVIEW: Diet Cig @ The Echo

Diet Cig at the Echo. All photos by Ashley Prillaman In the late Nineties, CDs cost around $20. Without the means to buy much, my CD "collection" included Green Day's Dookie, No Doubt's Return of Saturn, and Celine Dion's magnum opus Falling Into You. This distinct lack of variety caused me to listen to [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Japanese Breakfast “Machinist”

Photo by Ebru Yildiz When I interviewed Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast for Brooklyn Magazine last summer, her dream-pop debut Psychopomp was creating quite the buzz. On a sold-out tour with Mitski and Jay Som, Zauner told me that her next album would have more of an electronic pop feel but still have [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Happyness “Write In”

photo by Emilla Orving They’ve done it again. My favorite (contemporary) British trio is back with a follow up to their 2015 debut Weird Little Birthday. If Happyness have given me anything aside from ace interview material and two years of fabulous music, they have laid the groundwork for something very dear to [...]

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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Tove Styrke “Say My Name”

photo by Emma Svensson Maybe it's the glacial run-off, but something in Sweden's water seems to nurture brilliance in its female electro-pop singer-songwriters, from Robyn to Icona Pop to Tove Lo. The latest in a string of Swedish hitmakers to attempt a breakthrough in the United States shares a first name with the [...]

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