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PREMIERE: Taleen Kali Explores Healing Sound on Debut EP Soul Songs

Photo by Kristin Cofer Solo efforts can often result in tense, unfocused attempts to create something altogether new. But when it all works out, fans get an exciting glimpse into what makes individual members of their favorite bands tick. Taleen Kali's debut EP Soul Songs has the garage rock vibe of her previous band TÜLIPS, [...]

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PREMIERE: Jaicee Rentz “Colors”

At 16 years old, most of today's teenagers are hiding out in their parent's basements, avoiding social interactions and Snapchatting away. Jaicee Rentz is bucking the trend with Colors, a debut EP ripe with youthful angst and lovetorn lyrics. The EP's title track boasts a surprising maturity. Part of that comes from the seductive vocal interplay [...]

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PREMIERE: The Gods Themselves “Glamour & Grime” EP

Summer's here and it's time for dance parties by the pool. Every year, we're treated to albums built for rooftop fun, their core aesthetic made for hot days and warm nights by the light of a disco ball. Seattle's disco punk darlings, The Gods Themselves embody those vibes on their new EP Glamour & Grime [...]

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PREMIERE: Knotts “Your Mind”

If you combine the soul and melodic sensibility of artists like Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill with the laid-back production and honesty of indie songwriters like Fiona Apple and Bedouine, and you’ll arrive at the gorgeous hybrid that is Knotts, the solo project of Cincinnati-based singer-songwriter, Adalia Powell-Boehne. We’re excited to debut “Your Mind,” the [...]

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INTERVIEW + PREMIERE: Maria Taylor of Flower Moon Records

Sometimes a new record has a familiarity to it that feels like curling up under a warm blanket. Flower Moon Records Compilation Friends and Family Vol 1 puts a listener at ease; its laid-back cadence urges you to close your eyes and relax. These are old friends reintroducing themselves. Dead Fingers' "Whistling Song" stands out as [...]

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PREMIERE: Emma Hern’s Self-Titled Debut

Emma Hern is as grounded as they come. As a young musician, some might expect a bit more hesitation in a debut EP. Hern's self-titled freshman effort is slick and satisfying, drawing its inspiration from traditional rock and blues. "Then you held me tight / Almost every goddamn night / You whispered in my ear, [...]

By | 2018-05-09T16:30:59+00:00 May 9th, 2018|FEATURES, Interviews, Premieres|0 Comments

PREMIERE: Lillian Frances, Timeism EP

Lillian Frances rolls with the punches. When she developed tendonitis, losing the ability to play guitar, she knew it was time for a shift musically. Her resulting sophomore EP Timeism is light-hearted romp on an electronic playground, made for early summer days by the pool. Like many artists nowadays, Frances is in tune with her image, [...]

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PREMIERE: Beatrice Deer “Takugiursugit”

photo by Marc Vachon “Takugiursugit” begins with bass and guitar lines which dance with and through each other; resonating in their crossing. I’m listening to the song with awful earbuds, in my office, where the air conditioning never stops buzzing, but the opening notes reverberate, thickly, through my head. The song curls into [...]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Sera EKE’s “White Room”

  It's hard to peg down Sera EKE. As a self-described "artist who self-produces, pretty much, everything - including music, video; photos, artwork"; her work comes in tidy packages, complete with stark, often terrifying imagery. Her new video for "White Room" follows previous incarnations of work from 2017's EP Coup Coup Coup! "My hands can't be trusted [...]

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PREMIERE: Kim Anderson Debuts “Yarrow” LP

photo by Andreas Hofweber Debut albums are an interesting lot. Oftentimes, they're described as a "freshman effort" in an attempt to explain work that isn't fully realized. Sometimes, they are the product of years, finely tuned and immaculately coiffed, a near-perfect reflection of an artist coming into their own. Kim Anderson's debut album [...]

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