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PREMIERE: Taleen Kali Explores Healing Sound on Debut EP Soul Songs

Photo by Kristin Cofer Solo efforts can often result in tense, unfocused attempts to create something altogether new. But when it all works out, fans get an exciting glimpse into what makes individual members of their favorite bands tick. Taleen Kali's debut EP Soul Songs has the garage rock vibe of her previous band TÜLIPS, [...]

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PREMIERE: Jaicee Rentz “Colors”

At 16 years old, most of today's teenagers are hiding out in their parent's basements, avoiding social interactions and Snapchatting away. Jaicee Rentz is bucking the trend with Colors, a debut EP ripe with youthful angst and lovetorn lyrics. The EP's title track boasts a surprising maturity. Part of that comes from the seductive vocal interplay [...]

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INTERVIEW: Kid Bloom Comes of Age With “Parents House”

As a kid growing up in the late '90s, I was often faced with the sad realities of having a limited CD collection. Back then, CDs cost upwards of $20 and I had neither the resources or nor the cool friends needed to expand my musical education. Instead, I pushed play again and again on [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Jaji Preme, a Flower Who Raps

Jaji photo by @hunt_the_bay Late one cold Berkeley evening, troupes of East Bay's finest music enthusiasts waited outside performance event New Wave Collective on San Pablo Ave., which poured a soft pink light on to the sidewalk. Inside awaited a lineup of up-and-coming performers - singers, rappers, and artists all ready to take [...]

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INTERVIEW: The Hum Ends 2018 Series with Breanna Barbara, Katie Von Schleicher, Mickey Vershbow & More

The final show of the 2018 The Hum series will be this Wednesday at Bushwick's House of Yes, and curator Rachael Pazdan is closing the series out with a bang. Known for its continuously potent female lineup, the closeout not only showcases some of the most promising women in Brooklyn's music scene, but also includes [...]

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INTERVIEW: Latasha & Shasta Geaux Pop Bring Hip-Hop to The Hum This Week

  The Hum Series' House of Yes takeover continues this Wednesday, when Brooklyn music lovers will get to see some of the best female-identified performers in the local hip-hop scene, expanding the typically rock and electronic music oriented curation to a whole different genre. This is the second-to-last performance of the series, which has so [...]

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INTERVIEW: The Third Week of The Hum with Bunny Michael, Xhosa

The music industry has been created around the aesthetic, ideals, and myths of a group of gatekeepers who don't always allow access for the artists whose views are breaking the mold. Hypnocraft Presents is opening a new archetype of gatekeeper, developing a platform for the obscure and marginalized. This week The Hum series, continues at the House [...]

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INTERVIEW + PREMIERE: Maria Taylor of Flower Moon Records

Sometimes a new record has a familiarity to it that feels like curling up under a warm blanket. Flower Moon Records Compilation Friends and Family Vol 1 puts a listener at ease; its laid-back cadence urges you to close your eyes and relax. These are old friends reintroducing themselves. Dead Fingers' "Whistling Song" stands out as [...]

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PREMIERE: Emma Hern’s Self-Titled Debut

Emma Hern is as grounded as they come. As a young musician, some might expect a bit more hesitation in a debut EP. Hern's self-titled freshman effort is slick and satisfying, drawing its inspiration from traditional rock and blues. "Then you held me tight / Almost every goddamn night / You whispered in my ear, [...]

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