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LIVE REVIEW: Lydia Lunch Retrovirus @ Rickshaw Stop

The No Wave scene of 1970’s New York City was altogether bowel borne, the sickened spasm of a nihilist made nervous by the violent void of the Lower East Side. It was a pocket of time and space that knew no law nor order. Rather, it was poverty-ridden and putrid, little more than a decaying [...]

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PREMIERE: Taleen Kali Explores Healing Sound on Debut EP Soul Songs

Photo by Kristin Cofer Solo efforts can often result in tense, unfocused attempts to create something altogether new. But when it all works out, fans get an exciting glimpse into what makes individual members of their favorite bands tick. Taleen Kali's debut EP Soul Songs has the garage rock vibe of her previous band TÜLIPS, [...]

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PREMIERE: Jaicee Rentz “Colors”

At 16 years old, most of today's teenagers are hiding out in their parent's basements, avoiding social interactions and Snapchatting away. Jaicee Rentz is bucking the trend with Colors, a debut EP ripe with youthful angst and lovetorn lyrics. The EP's title track boasts a surprising maturity. Part of that comes from the seductive vocal interplay [...]

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INTERVIEW: Kid Bloom Comes of Age With “Parents House”

As a kid growing up in the late '90s, I was often faced with the sad realities of having a limited CD collection. Back then, CDs cost upwards of $20 and I had neither the resources or nor the cool friends needed to expand my musical education. Instead, I pushed play again and again on [...]

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PREMIERE: The Gods Themselves “Glamour & Grime” EP

Summer's here and it's time for dance parties by the pool. Every year, we're treated to albums built for rooftop fun, their core aesthetic made for hot days and warm nights by the light of a disco ball. Seattle's disco punk darlings, The Gods Themselves embody those vibes on their new EP Glamour & Grime [...]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Twin Shadow “Saturdays” & More

 When Twin Shadow released his album Caer in April of this year, it brought a sense of relief to fans - not only did it signify recovery from his bands' catastrophic tour bus crash, the music felt like a return to form. His first two records, 2010 debut Forget and its 2012 follow-up Confess, [...]

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PLAYING THE BAY: Jaji Preme, a Flower Who Raps

Jaji photo by @hunt_the_bay Late one cold Berkeley evening, troupes of East Bay's finest music enthusiasts waited outside performance event New Wave Collective on San Pablo Ave., which poured a soft pink light on to the sidewalk. Inside awaited a lineup of up-and-coming performers - singers, rappers, and artists all ready to take [...]

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How the #MeToo Movement Could Make Music Festival Season Safer

When I was 16 my most essential possession was a small backpack. It was made of a simple worn-in cloth, the fabric comprised of a colorful rainbow of stripes. The colors weren’t overtly vibrant, instead dulled, to give the desired vintage effect. It was a small bag and would fit no more than a cell [...]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Tierra Whack “Whack World” & More

Tierra Whack draws us into the strange world of her own making through her visual album Whack World. The Philadelphia based rapper became a known force in the world of hip-hop last October with her video "Mumbo Jumbo," which Brockhampton's Kevin Abstract called the best music video of 2017. Through this acclaim, Whack has become as recognized [...]

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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Gurr “Hot Summer” & More

My summers memories are always decorated with a particular kind of texture - the lingering feeling of grass cuts along my legs, the sting of sunburnt shoulders beneath a backpack full of empty rosé bottles, the soft and smooth goo of half melted ice cream on my tongue, skin sticky with sweat but refreshed with a [...]

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