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//Morning After

The second Monday of every month, we get up close and personal with bands from the Brooklyn scene – by making them breakfast.

MORNING AFTER: Pinball and Miller High Life with Bethlehem Steel

I Googled how long it takes for milk to go sour, and unless Becca Ryskalczyk can chug a gallon in 2 hours and 45 minutes, I shouldn't bring it as a gift. Granted, almost accidentally killing a musician would be such a throwback to when I started Morning After, and I do love things coming full [...]

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MORNING AFTER: Vegan Noodles and Sake with Veda Rays

I internally scream about 20 times coming off the Q train, badgered left and right about handbags, handbags, handbags. Truthfully, last time I was in Chinatown I was below the legal drinking age. But Veda Rays vocalist James Stark made a very emphatic pitch for Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant. So I'm here. I don't want any [...]

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MORNING AFTER: Chicken, Biscuits & Bottomless Mimosas with No Honeymoon

I’m lost picking out my outfit to see No Honeymoon, just anxiously pacing in black tights while “Don’t Want To” glides through the apartment. I’m digging the ‘80s movie vibes it’s blessing my morning with, Cait Smith’s haunting, hooting voice gently complimenting the sparkling verses, which battle the fuzzier, heavier choruses. "And it gets great [...]

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MORNING AFTER: Veggie Pancakes and Ale with Lost Boy ?

Origin stories: they’re typically how I kick off these off, some pseudo-enticing meetcute in the heart of the scene. A half-drunken beg for an interview, an impromptu striptease, a deep side-eye at Two Boots Williamsburg. A chat in front of Little Sunnyville Gutterway Footskips Stadium. A bite from a radioactive spider. I mentally collect these origin [...]

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MORNING AFTER: Peaches and Sausage with The Values

Though it feels like it happened 40 years ago, I remember clearly when I first saw The Values. It was in the backyard during Putnam-o-Rama, and three girls passed in matching, spangly sunset-gradient dresses, golds and silvers bleeding into deep orchid. And Sean Jones said, "That's The Values. You'll like them, they're really different." But I [...]

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MORNING AFTER: Peanut Butter and Fish Tacos With Medium Mystic

Little Edie is off kitty Prozac and living her best life in Queens. The former teen-mom bodega cat turned Medium Mystic muse is joining us for coffee (she's having a "coffee phase") and tacos. It’s sporting of her; Edith really prefers bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel (never crossaintwich) and is very particular about her [...]

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MORNING AFTER: Ricotta French Toast with Def.GRLS

"I can’t really talk, I’m having brunch with..." I play with my platinum blonde wig and tug the string of my leopard print bikini top while addressing the poor Fios representative at my door. "...clients right now." Behind me Mark Brickman and Hannah Teeter are picking out our audio-video entertainment (the Go-Go's are a must, Metalocalypse is [...]

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MORNING AFTER: Tutu’s or Tina’s With Fruit & Flowers

"Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ." I'm sitting bar-side at Tutu's and Ana Becker has confirmed, via Facebook messenger roughly 55 minutes after I got there, that 3/4ths of Fruit and Flowers are grabbing a table at Tina's Place. The poor bartender has been listening to one of my patented anxiety rambles that, summarized, equated to "Where are [...]

MORNING AFTER: Breakfast Bowls At Jimmy’s With Fraidycat

"I’m so hungover, I’m dying. You guys, I’m dying for water." Fraidycat must think I'm tremendously professional right now, my head throbbing, my pores seeping sweat, regret, and hastily applied gardenia rollerball perfume. I'm waiting with the three-piece—made up of Andy Kinsey, Charlotte Kahn, Danny De Juan—for a table at Jimmy's Diner, and while they're [...]

MORNING AFTER: Diner Daze With The Off White

I'm not upset or anything, but Sean Jones got me to profile The Off White under the pretenses of a home-cooked meal. I remember it clearly, and by that I mean I barely remember it at all. I was at Milo’s Yard sandwiched between him and Michael Stuart Grossman. Sean was hand-feeding me a samosa [...]