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About Mary Grace Garis

Bratty but with a heart of gold to match her dye job. Mary Grace Garis went from sitting at the Weird Kids' Table in suburban New Jersey to writing about the Weird Kids' Table that is modern day Brooklyn. She loves Morrissey, mozzarella sticks, and not much else. You can find her on Twitter at @MaryGraceGaris, all over publications like HelloGiggles, Extra Crispy, Bust Magazine and Elle Magazine, and in the bars of pizza places just off the L train.

MORNING AFTER: Tutu’s or Tina’s With Fruit & Flowers

"Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ." I'm sitting bar-side at Tutu's and Ana Becker has confirmed, via Facebook messenger roughly 55 minutes after I got there, that 3/4ths of Fruit and Flowers are grabbing a table at Tina's Place. The poor bartender has been listening to one of my patented anxiety rambles that, summarized, equated to "Where are [...]

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