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Jasmine Williams is a journalist and textile artist currently learning & earning in Brooklyn, New York. When she isn't going to shows or chilling at Fort Greene park, she can probably be found dyeing fabric in her bathtub. Writing @ + Art @

NEWS ROUNDUP: Nas, A Sony Payout & More

  Nas, A Sony Payout & More By Jasmine Williams The Internet's Hip-Hop Hypocrisy Last night Kanye West was involved in yet another livestream event. He produced the new Nas album, Nasir, which debuted via a listening party in Queens, New York. While many Illmatic fanboys have lit up the internet with their excitement and [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: No More Hate…Policy, YouTube Copyright & More

Prince would've turned 60 on 6/7; his estate will release Piano and a Microphone 1983 in September. No More Hate...Policy, New Releases & More By Jasmine Williams Spotify Says “JK!” In a continuation of last week’s story, Spotify has completely walked back their recently introduced “hateful content and conduct” policy. The streaming giant [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Kesha’s Countersuit, Neil Portnow Resigns & More

Kesha photographed by Olivia Bee. Kesha, Neil Portnow & More By Jasmine Williams Kesha’s Downhill Battle Kesha was dealt another blow in her long battle with Dr. Luke and Sony. On Tuesday in New York, an appeals court ruled that she cannot pursue her countersuit with the producer, who she has publicly accused [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Hateful Policy Haters, R. Kelly Lawsuit & More

Hateful Policy Haters, Lawsuits & More By Jasmine Williams Spotify Walks Back Spotify’s new ‘Hateful Content and Conduct’ Policy has a whole lot of haters. Following outcry from a number of industry heavyweights and rumors of internal conflict, Spotify has backtracked on the rule which stated that Spotify could choose to remove or refrain from [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Alice Glass, YouTube & More

Alice Glass, YouTube & More By Jasmine Williams The Indomitable Ms. Alice Thanks to #MuteRKelly the #MeToo floodgates have opened in the music industry with more stories of rampant sexual abuse and harassment coming out every day. Just this week, allegations surfaced against Dee Dee Warwick and Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band. While it [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: A Shake Up in Streaming & More

Tidal press conference, 2015. Courtesy of Time. A Shake Up in Streaming & More By Jasmine Williams A Reckoning? Last week #MuteRKelly gained speed as Time’s Up’s women of color added their support and yesterday the movement got a boost from a Spotify. While the streaming giant did not cut all ties with [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Christina Aguilera Returns, Time’s Up for R. Kelly & More

Christina Aguilera, shot by Zoey Grossman for Paper Magazine. Christina, Time's Up For R. Kelly & More By Jasmine Williams Early noughties preteens, rejoice - Xtina is back! Yesterday, the Stripped singer announced the release date and tracklist of her upcoming album, Liberation. While the LP won’t come out until June 15th, the [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Kelis, Avicii & More

Kelis, Avicii & More By Jasmine Williams Kelis Opens Up About Abusive Marriage Compared to the film industry, the music has been slow to acknowledge the #MeToo movement. While the rock and rap blares, sexual abuse accusations against major musicians have largely fallen on deaf ears. Thanks to Kelis, this may be about to change. [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: The Return of Kanye West & More

Kanye West, The Latest Releases & More By Jasmine Williams The Return of Mr. West Kanye West has been largely silent since the end of 2016, when he was hospitalized for a mental health emergency following a series of outbursts and the early cancellation of a major tour. This week, Kanye West made his unofficial [...]

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Brooklyn Music, Coachella & More

Vagabon headlines one of Silent Barn's final shows tomorrow night. Photo by Ebru Yildiz. Brooklyn Music, Coachella & More By Jasmine Williams Brooklyn Music News This week is big for Brooklyn announcements! Silent Barn announced their final lineup of shows. The bittersweet list starts with Partner, Katie Ellen, and Early Risers tonite. Vagabon, [...]

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