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INTERVIEW: Spowder Summons the Spirit of Rock with Health Palm

Health Palm on Vinyl, released by State Champion Records Like many a band to come out of New Jersey's unofficial rock capital, New Brunswick swamp rockers Spowder have a wild and passionate energy [...]

PLAYING BLOOMINGTON: Amy O on Zine Culture and Basement Pop

Seventy low laps around the track You’ll want to look back From Ohio to the east onto the midwest Time pools in the past Amy Oelsner (otherwise known as Amy O) has been fine-tuning her brand [...]

ARTIST INTERVIEW: Rose Suau of Djustin

Photo by Bengt Rahm Working virtually has become the norm in the world workforce. But creating music virtually? It still takes a lot of talent and drive to create a cohesive vision from [...]


Angelo Vasta is an Italian-born, Brooklyn-based videographer who works primarily with the dance community. He came to the US to study filmmaking at The New School in New York, and quickly fell into documenting dancers [...]

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Aly Spaltro, under the moniker Lady Lamb, released her newest EP Tender Warriors Club last month; it's a vulnerable, stripped down collection created with acoustic guitar, unlike much of her prior work. To honor her more intimate approach, she's [...]

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Photo Credit: Liz Bretz Maria Taylor has a long history of creating music - she played in her first band when she was just fifteen, and spent most of the ensuing decades as [...]